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BloodStainedStars1multi The Blood-Stained Stars

Part VII: Closing In

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Your anger is understandable, but we've got more reason to cooperate than to quarrel. Dagan's your real enemy. You'll be interested to know that some of his corpmates have been spotted at a nearby station. We've prepared an agent to gain their confidence and extract information on their further operations. To you, she'll be Tahaki Karin, a ship's engineer from the Damsel. Before our operative can infiltrate Dagan's group, Karin's identity records will need to be altered. Take these records to an archive station. Once they're updated there, our friends will make sure they're changed throughout the entire network.
Completion: Haul the Altered Identity Records to the designated location.
With those records replaced, our agent is .
What happened to real one? Electronically speaking, she's a non-person. She's alive and safe, though; if she wanted better, she shouldn't have joined the Society. Now, we need to get our Karin into place. I've filed a travel request in her name, which the Society has granted. All you need to do is rendezvous with a Society transport and drop her off.
Once that's done, we just have to wait for her to tell us where Dagan is.
Completion: Deliver "Tahaki Karin" to the Luxury Spaceliner docked at SOCT landing pad.
Encounter type: Deadspace without gates.
Warp to location. Approachthe landing pad, drop the "thing" into can.
Add: You'll get a popup from Republic Fleet representative offering cover for your final assignment.
The Society of Conscious Thought has deployed a refitted cruiser, the Omnipresence, nearby... with a substantial escort. We think they may be recording our local communications. If they are, there's a good chance they'll be able to decipher them, and root out our agent. The Society will certainly murder our sister if they uncover her identity. We need you to locate the Omnipresence, and destroy her. If necessary, engage her escort, but try not to destroy them. The loss of human life would be catastrophic.
Completion: Shoot down the Omnipresence.
Encounter type: Deadspace without gates.
Warp in, quickly approach the objective, set orbit, shoot it down, when you catch incoming fire - try to stay aligned to something. Finish off cruiser, warp away.
7x Frigates (Various assortment of Gallente ships)
1x Cruiser (Society Spy) - the objective.
Add: You'll get a popup from Ishukone Watch representative offering cover for your final assignment... not for free, indeed.
An independent Amarr pilot named Kritsan Parthus has recently dealt with Dagan. Unfortunately, he won't disclose Dagan's location to the Sisters. Destroy Parthus's ship and retrieve him for questioning.
Completion: Salvage Kritsan Parthus from his ship and bring him to agent.
Encounter type: Deadspace without gates.
Objective has heavy EM/TM longrange DPS and heavy Energy Neutralizing inside 20km(?) range. The safest possible deal is to do this mission with help. Cleanup rookie frigates (they pop like chips) first. Then one should attract Kritsan and stay at maximum possible range from him, sustaining any incoming damage (armor tanking ships the best choice, additionally plated for resisting EM/Therm), the other should jump in close and do damage (EM Missiles/EM Drones/Lasers/Projectile with EMP will chew him fast).
5x Angel Rookie
1x Battlecruiser (Kritsan Parthus) - the objective Heavy DPS/Neut.
Add: You'll get a popup from Imperial Navy representative gently reasoning you... yet offering help for your final assignment.
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