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- Gate restrictions: Cruiser class or smaller. Mining barges allowed, Covetor OK, Hulk and Mack not allowed
- Gate restrictions: Cruiser class or smaller. Mining barges allowed.

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__You will need to fit a mining laser to complete this mission__, you can't just buy
the Scordite so consider to actually mine the 1998 units.

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Warps in 90 seconds after you start mining.
5x Frigates (State Nagasa/State Shinai)
1x Cruiser (State Ashigaru), **ECM**
1x Cruiser (State Fudai), **ECM**
1x Cruiser (State Dogo)
1x Cruiser (State Bushi)
5x Frigates (State Bio-Hi)
1x Frigate (State Showato)
Warps in when 600 units of Scordite have been mined.
4x State Nagasa (Frigate)
1x State Shinai (Frigate)
1x State Ashigaru (Cruiser), **ECM**
1x State Fudai (Cruiser), **ECM**
1x State Dogo (Cruiser)
1x State Bushi (Cruiser)
5x State Bio-Hi (Frigate)
1x State Showato (Frigate)

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