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Drone Collection

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Rogue Drones
It appears that you have stumbled upon the first seeds of a Rogue Drone Hive. Destroying it before it grows any larger would probably be a good idea.

Faction: Rogue Drones
Group: Cosmic Anomaly
Location: High-Sec
Damage Dealt: All Types
Web/Scramble: None
Extras: None
Reccomended Damage Dealing: EM

Single Pocket

Auto-aggro from each wave. Last ship in each waves triggers next wave. All waves spawn at the Drone Bunker, 22km from warp-in.

Initial Group

2x Frigate (Splinter Alvi)

Wave 1

3x Frigate (Splinter Alvi)

Wave 2

2x Frigate (Decimator Alvi)

Wave 3

3x Frigate (Decimator Alvi)

Wave 4

3x Frigate (Infester Alvi)
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