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Faction: Guristas
Mission type: Encounter
Spacetype: Deadspace with gates
Damage dealt: Kin, Therm
Extras: Jamming (Dire Pithi Despoiler)
Web/scramble: Guristas Webifier and Kyoukan
Reccomended damage dealing: Kin, therm.


Main rule: Webbing frigs like Webifier and Kyoukan
Exception: The last battleship in the last wave of room 3
The last webifier/Kyoukan in pocket 5 triggers on attack. All other triggers on kill.
Destroying all structures before shooting the triggers will prevent the respawns.

Note: Sometimes spawns can be slight different like a bit better BS or BC, but entire NPC structure types is same.

Pocket One

Autoaggro from sentries

3x Tower Sentry Guristas III
3x Tower Sentry Guristas II
1x Pithum Silencer
1x Pithum Ascriber
2x Pithi Plunderer

Guristas Bunker drops ammo.

Pocket Two


Kill the Ion Field Projection Battery, Moon Harvester and Starbase Hangar

First spawn (1 BS)

1x Pith Exterminator
1x Pithatis Death Dealer
1x Pithatis Assasin
1x Guristas Webifier (Trigger)
1x Pithior Terrorist

Second spawn (2 BS)

1x Pith Eliminator
1x Pith Extinguisher
2x Pithatis Enforcer
1x Guristas Kyoukan
1x Guristas Webifier (Trigger)

Third spawn (2 BS)

1x Pith Dismantler
1x Pith Obliterator
1x Guristas Webifier (Trigger)

Fourth spawn (3BS)

1x Arika Tosch
2x Pith Eradictor
1x Pithum Ambolisher
1x Pithum Eraser

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