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Incursion Basics 101

Know Your Sansha Incursion NPCs

Achtung!! Sansha incursion NPCs deal OMNI damage types.
These are split into laser damage (EM-Thermal) and missile damage (Kinetic-Explosive).
For the full table of details, refer to Chruker's website

Vanguard sites
Assault sites
HQ sites
Mothership site (Kundalini Manifest)

Tanking Your Ship For Incursion

Rule #1
Fit passive buffer tank.
DO NOT fit local active tank or any mission running builds.

Rule #2
Armor/shield resist need to be at MINIMUM 70% for ALL resistance types.
Yes, make sure you plug those massive resistance holes in your ship.

Rule #3
DO NOT fit more than 3 hardeners. Passives are preferrable, especially for armor tanks.
Otherwise, Mr. Deltole Tegmentum will teach you a hard lesson ... and you do not want to meet Miss Outuni Mesen.

Rule #4
Cruiser hulls with low signature radius do better with higher EM-Thermal resist distribution.
Battlecruiser and battleship hulls with high signature radius (above 250m) do better with higher Kinetic-Explosive resist distribution.
In English, cruisers suffer more damage from lasers (as missile damage is greatly negated by its sig radius). Likewise, battlecruisers/battleships suffer massive damage from missiles.

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