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In the Name of Science

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In the Name of Science - Runes (1 of 4)

Background:Look at that ugly structure over there. They call it the Culture Recess and its solemn decay fits my mood perfectly these days. Once I was a proud member of the Sister's research efforts. I had my own lab and staff and every day I woke up with joy in my heart for what wonders I would discover. But the Sister's are a bickering lot; don't let the outer facade of calm and serenity fool you. Behind closed doors you can find fierce rivalry and constant jostling for a higher place in the pecking order. I was adept at playing their games of backstabbing and politics, but not adept enough. One day I found myself out of a job.

I was offered a lowly assistant's position on an insignificant little project. I refused to take it and have been a renegade sister since. But I still hope to regain my former stature within the Sisterhood. If I'm to have any hope of ousting my rivals I must make a crashing entrance, showcasing something magnificent. So here, in the shadow of this ruined monument to past follies, I aim to rebuild my career. I will make a discovery so grand, so momentous, that the Sister's will be forced to accept me back in on my own terms.

Yet I'm finding it hard to do this alone. Material things have never interested me, so I haven't squandered my life savings on something trivial like most. Now I can put my money and my belongings to good use. I'm interested in hiring pilots with the skills and talents to aid me in my task.

If you're interested, I want to hire you for a small job that is too dangerous for a mere scientist such as myself. Over in the Traun system you can find the ruins of an old Nefantar fortress. The Angel Cartel currently holds it and has launched an effort to restore it. Just before I left the Sisters one of our informants within the cartel reported that the repair drones in the old fortress discovered a stash of ancient tablets with strange, indecipherable markings on them. The Angels haven't bothered with the tablets beyond storing those the drones return with in their repair stations.

Now here's the interesting part. A few years ago I was working on a project that compelled me to dig through the ancient history of the Nefantar tribe, from times long before the Amarrians ever arrived in Minmatar space. While traveling in Hjoramold, the tribe's ancestral home, I came upon several tablets with runic inscription, filled with very thought provoking information. I can't go into details here, but it is the key to my work.

I suspect that the tablets the Angels discovered in Traun might be more of these runic tablets. If so, then those tablets could give me a breakthrough in my research efforts. I need someone well versed in the art of war to retrieve those tablets in Traun for me. I will reward you well if you're willing to take this on.

Bring Item Objective
Acquire these goods:
Drop-off Location 0,5 Patrenn's Rifter in Uriok.
Item 2 x Runic Tablet (0,2 m³) (Contested Minmatar Army COMPLEX in Traun)

The following rewards will be yours if you complete this mission: 1000 x Republic Fleet EMP M

Bonus Rewards
The following rewards will be awarded to you as a bonus if you complete the mission within 1 hour and 30 minutes 300 000 ISK

In the Name of Science - Stakes (2 of 4)

Background:My research is going well. My decision to hire independent pilots has paid off really well. But I fear it might also have backfired somewhat by putting too much heat on me. The Sisters have become aware of my whereabouts and what I'm trying to achieve. While I doubt it, one of my rivals could decide to dent my efforts my sending some thugs here to rough me up and destroy my work. The physical risk does not concern me all that much, but if I lose my work I have nothing.

I always like to be on the safe side, so I've made backup copies of my research. I need to get them to a safe place. First, I considered placing them in a depository box in a bank, but me hiring such a box is too easy to track down. Maybe I'm being paranoid, but you never know. So instead I've opted to hire a low-key storage room in a remote system to stash my backup copies in.

Obviously, I can't go there myself, I might be followed. But they would never bother with someone such as you, so you're an ideal candidate for the job. Take my stash to the Ragnarg system and by the time you return I'm sure I will have something more interesting, less paranoid, for you to do.

Transport Objective(The route generated by current autopilot settings contains low security systems!)
Transport these goods:
Pickup Location 0,5 Uriok
Drop-off Location 0,4 Ragnarg I - Freedom Extension Storage (Low Sec Warning!)
Cargo 1 x Patrenn's Stash (300,0 m³)

The following rewards will be yours if you complete this mission: 250 000 ISK

Bonus Rewards
The following rewards will be awarded to you as a bonus if you complete the mission within 25 minutes 250 000 ISK

Prior to accepting this mission, the following must be provided by you as collateral, to be returned to you upon successful completion of the mission:
60 000 ISK

In the Name of Science - (3 of 4)

Background:I'm ready to take my research to the next level. But to do so I must get my hands on some decent science instruments. Without a big corp behind me, the manufacturers of these items won't even speak to me. I've been scouring the second hand market, but not found anything of value. My work will soon stall if I don't get this stuff.

I received an interesting tidbit from a former colleague of mine, one of the few still talking to me. It seems one of the secret research labs the Sisters are running in Lanngisi just had a serious accident and was abandoned. I don't know the extent of the accident, but do know that some lethal substances leaked out. I'm sure the place is already crawling with scavengers, but if we move quickly we might get something good.

It's funny, only a few weeks ago I would be shattered by these news, but now I hardly feel anything. All I care about is how I can exploit this disaster to my own advantage. I guess I just have learnt that to succeed in this harsh world, one must be extra tough. My sheltered life has never exposed me to this world until now, but I feel I'm coping well.

Enough about that. If you're willing to go over to the contaminated research lab and see if you can find any science instruments, I'm sure I can find something suitable to reward you with upon your return. It doesn't matter if the items are broken, just get me a few and I'm sure I can make something out of them. If the facility itself doesn't yield anything you might have to take out some of the scavengers there and see if they cough something interesting up. Just make sure to blow up everything you see there to make sure you get all the salvagable items.

Bring Item Objective
Acquire these goods:
Drop-off Location 0,5 Uriok
Item 2 x Broken Science Equipment (2,0 m³)

Kill all the pirates in the area and loot their remains for two pieces of Broken Science Equipment to complete the mission. Location 0,6 Barkrik

This site contains normal ship restrictions.

The following rewards will be yours if you complete this mission: 500 000 ISK

Bonus Rewards
The following rewards will be awarded to you as a bonus if you complete the mission within 1 hour 1 x 1MN Digital Booster Rockets Blueprint (3 runs, copy, material level: 15, productivity level: 6)

In the Name of Science - (4 of 4)


Trade/Fight Mission:
Aquire 3 units of Mysterious Portal Parts (Contested Minmatar Army COMPLEX) 3 run Blueprint Copy + 250000 Credits Bonus


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