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======Ore Harvesting======

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Agent location: Colelie - Survey Station (Schabs Xalot)

=====Ore Harvesting (1 of 3)=====

Trade mission. Provide 4662 units of Dense Veldspar (466.2 m³) to the agent.

=====Ore Harvesting (2 of 3)=====

Faction: Serpentis
Mission type: Encounter/Trade
Space type: Deadspace
Damage dealt: Therm/Kin
Recommended damage dealing: Kin/Therm
Completed with: Thorax


Single group (26-34 km). Auto aggro on warp-in.

1x Cruiser (Corelum Chief Defender)
8x Frigates (Coreli Defender/Protector)

You also need to provide 2000 units of Omber (1200 m³) to the agent.

=====Ore Harvesting (3 of 3)=====

Mission type: Courier

Transport Reports (0.1 m³) to Ane IV - Moon 3 - Roden Shipyards Warehouse.

Note that Ane is a low security system (0.3).
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