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======Proven Loyalty, Level 1======

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Faction: Amarr
Mission type: Encounter

==Mission briefing==

We have identified a civilian facility inside a nearby contested sector that houses a great number of engineers and mechanics, all of whom assist with the repair of Amarrian vessels far from their home stations. Though they may technically be non-combatants, these people are directly and unarguably assisting Empire forces. They must be dealt with.


Take out the Industrials that take care of re-supplying the Colony and if you have time inflict as much damages as possible on the civilian structures in the area.

=====Single pocket=====

8x Frigate (4x Imperial Forian, 2x Imperial Bahir, 1x Imperial Natendi, 1x Imperial Sixtus)
2x Destroyer (Imperial Deacon)
1x Industrial (Imperial Courier)


Take out the industrial.
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