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Wrath of Angels, Level 5

See FateofAngels5 Fate of Angels (only difference is don't blow up the battlestation, but the drug lab)

Drug lab doesn't spawn additional ships, nor does the battlestation.

Beware. this guide is somewhat out of date as of 7-16-09 when you warp in there are the correct amount of towers but the mission contains all battlecrusiers intially then five minutes in spawns 5 more battle crusiers and three battleships. For a total of something like 25 BC 3 BS.

The layout of the groups that cause spawns from fate of angels is correct but only one group caused a spawn and not both. As to which I am not sure. but the spawn was 3 frigates and 3 battleships again.

The spawns for the energy neutralizer and the repair stations are correct.

Will fix the guide next time I pull the mission if someone else does not already. I figured that the changes were drastic enough to post in the guide and not on comments so its more noticeable.
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